News from the LIFE Grassland Luxembourg project:

30/05/2020 – LIFE Grassland project successfully completed!

We thank everybody who helped us during the last years, especially the Ministry for Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, the associated communes and the European Commission. The final report can be found here PDF [2 MB].

12/05/2020 – LIFE-Conference „Restoration of species-rich grassland communities” held on Mai 11th 2020 over webinar!

This conference was organized within the two LIFE projects „LIFE-Orchis“ and „LIFE-Grassland“ from natur&ëmwelt – Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur and Naturschutzsyndikat SICONA.

Here you can find the detailed programs in German [PDF 1 MB] or French [PDF 1 MB].

Further materials and information on the different projects can be found on our website

We would like to thank all of you for participating and helping to make this such a success!

26/09/2019 – Presentation of new ponds for the crested newt in Redange/Attert


27/05/2019 – Presentation of monitoring results on LIFE sites in Beckerich

Beckerich – Leitrange

22/05/2019 – Presentation of reintroduction of rare plant species in Bertrange. Here you can find a short footage from RTL Luxembourg on the project:

Punctual plantation of rare species in species-rich grasslands

February 2019 – Removing a spruce plantation to restore a lowland hay-meadow in Kopstal in the NATURA2000 site LU1018 “Vallée de la Mamer et de l’Eisch”

In 2019 we’ll restore species-rich grassland on this site.

December 2018 – Recovering old dry walls under a spruce plantation in the NATURA2000 zone LU1018 “Vallée de la Mamer et de l’Eisch”

This former open pit mine will be restored as diverse extensive grassland.

September 2018 – Two new ponds for the crested newt in the Natura2000 site LU1013 “Vallée de l’Attert de la frontière à Useldange”

In the valley of the Attert close to Redange new ponds were created for the crested newt and the black stork.

25.07.2018: Presentation of grassland restauration in Käerjeng

Presentation of grassland restauration in Käerjeng

Over 5 hectares have been restaured through hay-transfer from species-rich grasslands

17.07.2018: New pond for the crested newt in Beckerich

On this LIFE-Grassland site we created a new pond for the crested newt. The rest of the site will be managed as extensive pasture.