Current project status

The current project status on 21th June 2016

A1 – Prepare negotiation maps of the whole project area: Completed.

A2 – Secured land: 19 hectares of a total of 46.50 hectares

C4 – Restauration of purchased land for lowland hay meadows: 1.36 hectares of a total of 30 hectares have been restaured

C7 – Restauration of hunting grounds for Myotis emarginatus: 0.57 hectares of a total of 2 hectares have been optimized

D1 – Search for unknown summer quarters of Myotis emarginatus: Completed. Several new quarters were found in the canton of Redange.

E1 – Raising public awareness:

  • At the start of the project a press conference was held in the presence of Secretary of State Camille Gira in the Regional Biodiversity Center in Olm. To the press release: [PDF 584 kb] (German only)
  • The telemetric date fom Myotis emarginatus in the canton Redange were presented in the presence of Secretary of State Camille Gira. To the press release: [PDF 1Mb] (German only)

    Press conference presenting the telemetric data of Myotis emarginatus in the canton of Redange (1.12.2016)

  • 2 articles about the project were written for the communal magazines.
  • 4 excursions for the public in the respective Natura2000 areas
  • A touring exhibition about the LIFE Project is shown in the participating communities

E2 – Raising political awareness: The touring exhibition about the LIFE Project was presented during two press conferences in December 2015 in Redange/Attert and Schifflange.

E4 – Knowledge exchange: The LIFE Grassland project participated at 3 InterLIFE meetings in Strasbourg (F), Hosingen (L) and Kasterlee (B)

E5 – Photo contest: A photo contest about targeted habitats and species was held during 2015. In March 2016 the best pictures were chosen and awarded. Here you find the winning photos.

E6 – Batnight: In the summer of 2015 more than 400 people participated at the International Batnight in Lasauvage.

E7 – Activities for kids: 22 afternoons with fun activities for kids about concerned habitats were held