The project

The LIFE Project ‘Conservation and management of species-rich grasslands by local authorities’ initiated by SICONA has started on 1st June 2014. It is based in 15 local authorities who are members of SICONA-Centre or SICONA-Ouest. The aim of the project is the protection and improvement of 46.5 ha species-rich grassland in 15 different Natura2000 Sites until the 1st June 2020. Its main objectives will be the conservation and restoration of five threatened habitats (Semi-natural dry grasslands, Molinia meadows, Hydrophilous tall herb fringe communities, Lowland hay meadows, Transition mires) and the support of six threatened species (Yellow-bellied toad , Great crested newt, Geoffroy’s bat, Tree pipit, Common redstart and Woodlark). The majority of these sites are to remain under extensive agricultural management.

Furthermore, scientific monitoring and public awareness actions for these threatened habitats and species but also for conservation in general, have a big part in this project. In total the project costs 2,529,816€ of which 50% is by the EU, 25% by the Luxembourg Government and 25% by the local authorities (Beckerich, Bertrange, Differdange, Dippach, Feulen, Käerjeng, Kayl, Kehlen, Koerich, Kopstal, Pétange, Reckange-sur-Mess, Redange-sur-Attert, Sanem, Schifflange).

The project in numbers:

Period: 1st June 2014 untill the 1st June 2020

Budget: 2,529,816€ (50% EU, 25% Luxembourgish Government, 25% local authorities)

Aim: Acquisition and improvement of 46.5 ha

Participating local authorities: 15

Number of Natura2000 sites: 15