Transition mires (7140)

Transition mire (7140)

Transition mire (7140)

Description of the habitat

Transition mires are carry-over stocks between groundwater-affected fens and rainwater-affected upland moors. They are mostly low-growing and shaped by the dominating of sedges, rushes and cotton grasses as well as numerous (peat) mosses. The sites are characterised by wet, acid, and very nutrient-low soils which are influenced by ground, spring and seepage water.

Situation and endangerment of the habitat in the project area

Transition mires only occur in a handful of sites in Luxembourg. The main impairment of those sites traces back to drainage and other changes to the water supply, earth embankments, fertilisation and natural succession as well as reforestation.

Provisions within the project

Purchase of 0.5 ha. If needed removal of drainages and rewetting.