Public awareness

Informing the public about nature conservation, biodiversity, LIFE and the Natura2000 network is also part of the LIFE Grassland project. Therefore the following actions are undertaken:

Informing the public:

  • 10 field trips within „Nature for People – People for nature“
  • 8 press conferences and 5 articles for municipal papers
  • 10 mobile information boards
  • 8 informarion boards for specific areas
  • webpage
  • Information booth at the „Ökofoire“
  • Release of a layman’s report in form of a special edition of SICONA-Info

Informing policymakers, farmers and teachers:

  • Inauguration ceremony for the mobile information boards
  • 5 extra-pages on the LIFE-project in SICONA-Info

Informing farmers:

  • Presentation of the project in the „Ackerbauschoul“
  • Conference for involved farmers
  • Employment of a consulting group within the project „Natur genéissen“

International knowledge exchange:

  • Yearly participation at international knowledge exchanges about LIFE and the Natura2000 network in the European neighboring countries

Photo competition:

  • A photo competition within the themes of the LIFE Grassland project was held in 2015. These are the winning photos:

European Bat Night:

  • A night under the banner of the bat, focusing on the Geoffroy’s bat

Natural education:

  • 30 activities for children within the themes of the LIFE Grassland project