Monitoring on purchased sites

All sites bought within the LIFE-Project are monitored scientifically using standardised methods. This guarantees an objective success control of the different restauration and management methods being used.

Besides the monitoring, a botanical inventory will be made of all sites, whether purchased to help habitats or animal species. Those inventories are made before and after the execution of restauration methods. This ensures that areas containing rare or sensible plants can be managed accordingly. Furthermore, conflicts between habitat and species conservation can be avoided. Additionally, effects of certain restauration efforts can be tested specifically.

All sites bought for the protection of certain habitats undergo a final botanical monitoring at the end of the project.

Sites bought for the conservation of specific animals underlie species-specific monitoring strategies. Through regular inventories, the status and changes in populations of the concerned species can be monitored. This ensures the success control of applied management efforts.

Socio-economic monitoring

A socio-economic monitoring is conducted at the end of the project to weigh up the influence of the LIFE project on the various communities, local residents and farmers. The different interest groups are questioned on the positive and negative influences of the project.